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Teaching and Learning SIG

To join the SIG in Teaching and Learning, please contact the SIG Chair, Prof. Denis Harrington, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Past SIG Chairs: Dr. Noel Harvey, GMIT and Dr. Simon Stephens, LYIT.


Teaching and learning interventions for the modern workforce – exploring new ideas and partnering models

May 1st  at Waterford Institute of Technology Business School from 0930-1300

The IAM Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group is pleased to announce that a SIG event ‘Teaching and learning interventions for the modern workforce – exploring new ideas and partnering models’  will take place on May 1st  at Waterford Institute of Technology Business School from 9.30-1pm.

The growth and use of new learning platforms and the emergence of digital technologies has become a key trend evident in both business and educational environments. In the business context a focus has been placed on elaborating the challenges for leaders as they work to harness technology to enhance an organisation’s competitiveness. Equally in the business school environment, efforts have been made to encourage the application of digital technologies to enhance the flexibility of offerings and the ease with which executives and students might access teaching and learning materials. However while the importance of applying new innovations and technologies in the classroom is well considered, less attention has been given to the competencies and resources required to teach and learn in this new digital environment. This seminar will seek to address some of these concerns.

We will bring together academics with expertise in managing and applying new technologies in the facilitation of executive education and explore a case study of the use and application of blended learning in supporting the delivery of a new part-time offering. Finally we will examine changing workforce learning needs and customised learning developments and partnerships with industry.

The purpose of the SIG event will be to outline new developments and innovations in teaching and learning with a specific focus on executive and part-time learners. 

The value of the SIG event will be to share research and expose colleagues to developing and new practices in a range of business school contexts. It is also hoped that participants will contribute to the discussions and examine potential fruitful avenues for collaboration or further research in this area.   

Who Should Attend

This event is aimed at academics, researchers and doctoral students in business/management who are interested in the ways in which business school academics are responding to the new teaching and learning dynamics of the modern workforce.


Professor Tazeeb Rajwani, Professor and Head of Executive Education, Essex University

Professor Lisa Andersen, Associate Dean Postgraduate, Liverpool University

Dr Anthony Foley, Lecturer in Marketing, WIT Business School

Professor Irene Sheridan, Head of Extended Campus, CIT

Event Fee 

IAM Student members: FREE

IAM members: FREE

Non-IAM members: €20


For further information on this event please contact the seminar organiser: 

Prof. Denis Harrington – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , IAM Teaching and Learning SIG Chair

Date: Tuesday 1st May
Time: 09.00 – 13.00
Venue: Business School, Waterford Institute of Technology (Auditorium, Tourism and Leisure Building), Main Campus, Waterford




IAM /British Academy of Management Research Methodology SIG

Teaching Research Methods to Business and Management Students

All Day Event, 31st March 2017

UCD Smurfit Business School

Cost: £30/€36 for IAM members 

Contact: Organiser Dr Joe McDonagh  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for payment details



Theme: “Your Research Methodology Class Has HOW MANY Students?!”

Imparting our knowledge and love of Research Methods can be difficult, particularly with large class/lecture sizes. So, this year the Research Methods SIG of BAM is concentrating on how to teach/lecture/instruct on Research Methods to large, challenging and diverse groups of business/management students. The key focus will be on gaining student attention and keeping it and the speakers will provide space and time for structured collective discussions and activities.


  • Professor Mark Saunders (University of Birmingham)- “Ways of engaging 400 plus students that have worked (at least for me)”

Mark is a well-regarded and very engaging speaker and has made great contributions to previous SIG workshops and conferences. He will speak on how to gain the attention of students in ever growing classes to instil in them a love of, and passion for, research methods in all its wonderful guises. His talk will be based on his undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in Britain and throughout the world.

Bio: Professor Mark Saunders is Professor of Business Research Methods.

  • Professor Edel Conway (Dublin City University)- “The interface between teaching and research: Integrating theory, methods and tools.”

This session presents theory as the foundation to understanding research, and research as fundamental to the development of theory. It demonstrates how students can develop better thinking skills and present logically informed arguments based on theory and evidence. Using explicit examples, it shows how such learning can be applied and reinforced through exercises and course assessments.

Bio: Professor Edel Conway (Dublin City University) is Head of the HRM/ Organisational Psychology group at DCU Business School.

  • Christina O'Connor (Maynooth University)- “Case studies: how lived business problems can help students solve problems”

Case studies are a very valuable way of showing students examples of lived business practice and can provide them with the tools to understand the sophisticated nature of business planning and decision-making. Dr Christina O’Connor will suggest some ways in which case studies can be used as a methodology to get students interested in day to day business problems. She will use her experience in marketing practice and research to provide practical examples to help lecturers in lecturing to increasingly large groups of students.

Bio: Dr. Christina O'Connor is Programme Director (Marketing) in Maynooth University School of Business.

  • Professor David Coghlan (Trinity College Dublin)- Title: “Fostering Undergraduate Research through Insider Inquiry: Making Use of Student Work Experiences”.

This session introduces the notion of inquiry from the inside, whereby members of an organisation question their direct organisational experiences from the perspective of being ‘backstage’ and seek to understand its dynamics. It explores how undergraduate students, as participating observers, on placements or in part-time jobs, can develop insider inquiry skills in the mode of clinical research and thereby develop an advanced management capability for their future.

Bio: Professor David Coghlan is a Professor Emeritus and Fellow Emeritus at the Trinity Business School.






The Supervision and Assessment of Research at Postgraduate Level

21st April 2017

National College of Ireland

Further details to follow

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to contribute






Innovative Assessment Approaches in Business Schools

8th April 2016 

National College of Ireland


We are delighted to enclose video link of the recent Irish Academy of Management Teaching and Learning SIG event hosted by the National College of Ireland.





The Sharing of Experience and Research Relating to the Teaching of Management
IAM Teaching and Learning SIG event hosted by National College of Ireland, 29th April 2015  


The Irish Academy of Management hosted its first Teaching and Learning Seminar at the National College of Ireland on April 29, 2015. Titled ‘The Sharing of Experience and Research Relating to the Teaching of Management’ the seminar was a great success with a good number of people attending and a wider diaspora accessing the Seminar online.  

Speakers included: Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick and Dr. Conor Carroll from the University of Limerick, Dr. Simon Stephens from Letterkenny  Institute of Technology, Dr. Claire Gubbins from Dublin City University and Prof. Gary Davies from the University of Manchester.

On the day, a Special Interest Group (SIG) in Teaching and Learning was established. This is the fourth SIG to be established by the IAM.The seminar was funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.



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